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Education Programme

The Education Programme is unique in its approach. Taking on a proactive approach to health, wellbeing and performance.

We strongly believe that these programmes are key to maintaining and improving overall health, wellbeing but also social development and overall performance; whether that is academic, sports, arts, work within your company etc


Our programmes are supported by a number of organisations including Health Ministers at the Welsh Assembly Government and the head of Mental Health Foundation in Wales.
Already delivering in key establishments such as Millfield School, Wellington School, Llandaff Cathedral School and many others, this is an opportunity to access a programme which is monitored, endorsed to support overall wellbeing, empowerment and performance in those who take part.

We have 4 programmes available;

  1. Wellbeing and Emotional Health Programme
  2. Empowerment and Aspirations Programme
  3. Sports Performance Programme
  4. Staff/Parents Programme

With each programme taking on the same core themes which are to;

There are so many benefits of working with us to deliver these programmes in your organisation, but here are just a few;

Health promotion:



All of our programmes are tailored to the client, this ensures those who take part on the programme benefit from support specific to their needs. We will help you decide which programme route and delivery structure is best for you.